About Us

DLink Corporation was founded in 1986 and is currently headquartered in Taiwan. DLink Router is used to send different data packets to and fro in a computer network. The Router manufactured by the company are not only fast and secure but highly reliable. If you are looking for assistance on any issue related to DLink Router then all you need to do is call on our 1-855-278-4642 Customer Support Phone Number.
Routers are an essential device used to share information easily from and to all over the globe. These devices are excellent in pushing data packets to their destination within and outside the network. While working with DLink Router user face some common issues. Are you facing any issue with your DLink Router? Call now on DLink Router Technical Assistance and get complete, safe and secure step by step instruction on any issue related to DLink. Our technicians are accessible around the clock 24/7. So, whether its day or night you can call us and we promise to offer the best service within a short period of time.
Using wireless broadband is common these days at home as well as in the office. To access the internet, online gaming, downloading, and streaming videos router is used. A router is a good router if it provides stable connection. If while using Router if you face issues like crashing, hanging, slowness and un-responsive then you can simply call us at DLink Helpline Phone Number. DLink Router is known for its sleek design, stability, and reliability. We as DLink Technical Customer Care Service provider understand that your time and work is important for you that is when you call us we keep your request, query, and inquiry on priority. When you connect to our technical agent make sure that you tell your complete problem it will help the representative to provide your exact solution within no time.


  • Quality High Performance
  • Complete Remote Access
  • Secure Management
  • Unbeatable Wi-fi Performance
  • Control for Parental Function
  • Separate Guest Network
  • Amazing Security
  • Simple Setup
  • Around the clock 24/7 Support
  • Better Coverage
  • Multi-User Function
  • Wireless Signaling
  • Quality Service
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Fastest Connection
  • Wide Range
  • Top-notch Speed
  • Dual Band
  • Tri-band Connection
  • Easy Installation and Setup

Some of the DLink Router Issues are as follows:-

  • Connection not working: In case you are facing issues like connection not working or Internet Connection then contact on our Support Phone Number and get complete support
  • Issue while playing online game: Are you facing issues while playing online games? Is the router internet speed slowing down while playing? Then it might require a new configuration. Get complete support on Dlink Support helpline 1-855-278-4642.
  • Issue while sharing Files: Sometimes router is not able to send and receive files due to bad internet connection. To get diagnostic steps call on DLink Router Helpline number
  • Router Stuck: If you are facing issue like router getting stuck somewhere while processing then to get easy resolve steps call on our Helpline Number.
  • Router Hanging: It happens when router tries to send too many packet over the network it automatically freezes or hang out. This can be trouble. So, to get a complete support you can call us at DLink Customer Support Phone Number
  • Router Locked: When Router overworks it locks itself. You can get complete and easy step to unlock DLink Router by calling us
  • Issue in Firmware Update: Sometime DLink router give issues while updating the Firmware. It can be easy resolved with the help on DLink Router Support Technicians.
  • Lost Cable Connection: If you are in a weak cable connection area it might be possible that you face lot of trouble while using internet. To get solution on lost cable connection call on DLink Toll-free Support Number
  • Frequent Disconnection: If you are facing frequent router disconnection then immediately call us for instant assistance on Dlink Router
  • Not getting proper Wi-Fi Signals: Are you facing issues in getting proper Wi-FI signals then you can Contact us. Our Technicians are available around the clock 24/7 for your support
  • Getting issue in Hardware or Software: Sometime when you face issues in hardware and software of the router it becomes a big trouble. If you face any such issue then it is advised to Contact the Technical Support Helpline of Dlink Router
  • Issue in Updating Wi-Fi password: It is a common issue that many user face. While updating their wi-fi password they get issues. If you are also getting issue while changing/updating your password then call on DLink Helpline number
  • Forget Router Password: Have you forgotten your DLink password? Do not worry; Our Technical Support team will reset Dlink router password to give you full assistance!
  • Router Booting Issues: If your router is giving issue in booting up then in order to get step by step instruction on getting it running
  • Overheating Issues: Where your router is overheating it means it is overworking and requires a different configuration.
  • Overloading Issues: Facing issue like slow internet? It is possible that your router is overloading. To get instant support on your router call on DLink Support Phone Number.
  • Issue in changing Wi-Fi Settings: Are you unable to change your Wi-Fi setting? No issue, call on our Toll-Free Number and get simple steps by step instruction.
  • Crashing Issues: Sometimes due to router sending more data packets, the router hangs and crash. To solve these problem with the help of Expert
  • Hanging Issues: Is your router hanging too much? Facing router hanging issues for a while? Contact for complete support

Before your begin setup

For DSL Providers: Are you using PPPoE Connection? Then you might require a username and password. You can contact your ISP for login details

For Cable Providers: Unplug the router and wait for 5 minutes before powering on

For Modem/Router Combo: If you are getting modem/router combo from your ISP then first set it for bridge mode so that it can work properly.

Fast, Simple and Quick Setup Instructions

  • Step 1: Connect router with a power cord to the wall socket
  • Step 2: Now connect the Ethernet cable from computer to modem
  • Step 3: Wait for the modem to boot up
  • Step 4: Boot up your computer
  • Step 5: Now configure your network preference and connect to the Wi-Fi provided. You might require Wi-FI username and password.

How to reset a Dlink Router

Have you forgotten your username and the password? Do Not worry, resetting process for DLink Router is simple and easy. Once you have reset your router it is easy to set the new password. By resetting the router you clear all the current setting and troubleshoot old problems.

To reset the router follow below-mentioned steps:

  • 1. Make sure that your Dlink Router is connected to power Source
  • 2. Verify there is a ‘reset’ port at the back of the Router
  • 3. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds
  • 4. Release the Button after 10 seconds
  • 5. Once done, your router will reset automatically and will restart after about 15 sec.

After a router is reset it goes back to default setting and default username will be ‘admin ‘ and there would be no default password.